New Body Restore is an improved product from Body Restore and is formulated to maintain or improve acidic body fluids to slightly alkalinic that is the healthy environment for our bodies.  It also now contains ingredients of anti-inflammation and more concentrated ingredients.

Acidic body conditions arise from anger, worry, not sleeping well, smoking, tiredness, pressure from work, life and so forth.  That means our daily lives encounter so many chances to lead into acidic body conditions.  Acidic body conditions cause many problems in our health.  Malignant cells and sickness are created and grow very well under the acidic body conditions.  Therefore New Body Restore capsules help to keep our body fluids slightly alkalinc to maintain healthy, while quench body localized inflammations.

Trace minerals are essential to do the job as well as the other ingredients in the New Body Restore capsules.

It is the best to have 1 to 3 capsules daily Body-Restore capsule to ward off the chance to get acidic body conditions.  For days you experience huge job or life pressures, being angry or worry for something etc.  take 3 capsules per meal for few days to get your alkalinic body conditions back.

Best Health.

February 16, 2016
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